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Plasma Bevels

As an extension of your fabrication team, we offer the services of a High-Definition plasma table with a Delta Rotator torch.  In simple terms, the plasma has a bevel head.  This accessory to the plasma table will allow you to put a bevel on your plate.

No more track burners and grinding.  This plasma will put a beautiful bevel on the edge or on a hole.  The maximum bevel is 45 degrees and can be done in different styles.

Bevel Styles

- Single side full bevel with no land

- Single side bevel with land

- Double side full bevel with no land

- Double side bevel with land

- Variable bevel degree per edge

Having the ability to bevel plate on a plasma table is a must for rolled drums, full penetration pipe inserts, beveled manifold end plates, material prep before machining, and proto type designs.  This Messer Delta Rotator is a designers dream.  Contact us to see how we can help or improve your designs.

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