Kinetic Steel Corp.   "the extension of your fabrication team"

Plasma Cutting

As an extension of your fabrication team, we offer the services of a High-Definition plasma table with the latest technology.  With little to no surface preparation required, plasma cutting is an economical alternative to laser cutting for welding and assembly requirements.

Along with the down draft table, our plasma cutting system has a custom table section that allows the ability to cut holes or designs in angles, channels, wide flanges, tubing or pipe.  Let us know your needs and we can see if we can help.

Plasma Capabilities

- System:  Messer Titan III with Delta Rotator (see plasma beveling)

- Power:  Hypertherm HPR400xd

- Cutting Thickness:  Mild Steel 2”, Stainless 1 ¾”, Aluminum 1 ¾”

- Table:  Down draft, 10ft x 20ft

- Custom Table:  4ft x 20ft


By working the plasma cutting system along with our CNC press brake, you can design welds out of your assemblies.  We are happy to work with your designers to come up with cost saving solutions.

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