Kinetic Steel Corp.   "the extension of your fabrication team"

Saw Cutting

As an extension of your fabrication team, we offer the services of a heavy-duty miter saw.  This PLC controlled saw is designed for single cuts or programed multiple bundled cuts for large repetitive projects.

Our heavy-duty saw has the ability to miter cut up to 60 degrees.  The large size of the saw can handle up to 20” round stock of product.  This saw can also handle the small light projects.  With its variable pressure vice, light wall tubing can be cut without the risk of deforming the product.

Cutting Capabilities  

- System:  Hyd-Mech M-20A  

- Miter:  0 to 60 degrees one direction  

- Material Cut Size:  Rectangle 20” x 30”, Round 20”

By utilizing our heavy-duty saw you can reduce the manual hand cuts and miters thus reducing the labor hours.  Combine our services of our plasma and brake and we can supply your complete steel service solutions.

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